Joplin Police Department failed the day Brooke Russell died

This was written by my daughter Sadee Russell.


Cops are known to keep their self righteous head high, they are used to dealing with irrational people and form this high and mighty cloud around their corrupted brotherhood.They will lie cheat and steal because they were given a badge to hunt the liers, cheaters,and thieves. They will say and do whatever they want and may very well get away with the majority of it simply because their superiors are just as corrupt. It all comes down to the fact that the emts did not do their job.Brooke was a victim, a gunshot wound patient. There was a 911 call for a gunshot wound, no matter how the family is acting, no matter how offended, confused, or irrational the authorities and paramedics are,no matter who felt threatened, Brooke was a patient. There is protocol for all 911 calls, help the victim. Oxygen should have been given,an iv should have been started, Brooke should have been cared for within seconds. Brooke was alive, while rushing to the ambulance, hearing her family calling her name telling her they loved her, she was warm.She wasn’t breathing,but she wasn’t brain dead. After her body fell,the paramedics should have stabilized her and started treatment right then and there, they would have terminated the need for her father(my uncle) to see this tragedy being ignored, causing him to cry out. Had they done protocol, there would be no hysterical yelling to get her to the hospital,to help her.But it is because of this,all authority ignoring the gunshot wounded victim on the ground,and turning all attention to the behavior of the family, that made this an even bigger tragedy and made this ridiculous police report. The Joplin Police Department were ,in my opinion, treating my family as if they had been the ones who shot Brooke. That very well may be a “reasonable” explanation to oblivious strangers, calling for the need to pepper spray “the suspect” but there was No reasonable explanation to take them to jail. There is no reasonable explanation to leave the victim unattended to. And when the ambulance finally made the hospital it’s destination,there is no reasonable explanation why they would leave the mother of the victim stranded alone,crying in the streets,leaving her to find her own way to the hospital. These people in charge did not do their jobs,their duty as superiors. They let us all down that day. The same policemen who “couldn’t control a hysterical group” are now scrambling around adding lies to the list as to reasons why they couldn’t control them. Kevin Russell hit an officer!? Kevin Russell threatened a few officers!? Kevin Russell hindered the paramedics because they thought he was going to strike one of them!? No,my family pleaded for these people to help his only daughter. My family will always, not only have this tragic memory of Brooke shooting herself,but a memory of the Joplin Police Department being nothing but an obstacle. These people and their incompetence separated a family during Brookes last hours of life. My family will never get full spiritual closure because they were not able to sit with Brooke at the hospital, they were not allowed in her hospital room 3 hours later after finally being released from jail. These are memories of Brookes final moments, memories haunted by these monsters. These self righteous writers of this fictional police report show no remorse, asking Kevin and Brant to plead guilty. My question is not are they guilty, but just how much longer will this so called law enforcement and rescue team have their jobs. Just what can we do to make sure these excused criminals never wear a badge again?





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